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Now here's the question:



It is extremely frustrating when we have the knowledge and the motivation to get moving. 

However, what's lacking are good habits and proper guidance.

That's why we are here to help! Read till the end!

Find out how we can help you get rid of your problems!


Reasons why you should join us!


  1. Our intensive Muay Thai training engages and interacts the entire body with a overall fat burning sensation.

  2. With regular training, you get a toner, more agile and conditioned body.

  3. Gain a better complexion as the sweat brings out toxins from our body.


  1. We provide combat classes that instills physical and mental stamina, helping you mould a mind that is courageous, intelligent and disciplined.

  2. The endurance will boost your confidence, self assurance and determination.

  3. We train your mind with STRONGER resilience that pushes you to grow beyond your limitations.


  1. You will beat Procrastination and feel empowered with your changes.

  2. You will build more control on negative emotions and anger management.

  3. Your mental ability gets toughen when you gain strength on what you cannot do.

As the saying goes, HABITS are more powerful than MOTIVATION. While being motivated, you may lose 1kg in the shortest time. Nevertheless gaining 1kg back when you are no longer motivated.

However, Good habits will make you lose 10kg gradually in a year which makes it consistent and realistic. Good habits are permanent and we will build them into your life!. We want to create a healthier habit for you and change your life positively. 

Trial Class Notice

With our best trainers, we aim to provide you with the best set of skills to take home! Leave your fats and unwanted insecurities with us.

After your trial class you will receive a Complimentary FULL Body Fats VS Muscle Body Analysis from us! It will help you to analyse your fat, muscle, bone, visceral mass and your metabolism rate. From there, we will customise an exercise specially for you to reach your goals as easy as 1,2,3.

We open 6 days a week for you to engage with a healthier habit and don't worry if you are too young or too old for this! Everyone is welcomed! (Read our F.A.Q below)

We Guarantee that you will love our classes and come back for more. Be eager to learn and join us now! 


1. We only hire Female Coaches to conduct our trainings. All our coaches and trainers are generous on sharing their knowledge efficiently. (including diet and home exercise tips) Our head coach is also a legend in fat-loss with her speedy pad work skills!

(Read testimonials from Instagram)

2. We use Authentic Muay Thai skills set to trigger your Mind Alertness which may help in your daily lives. Our specialised pad work sets are unique here as it is catered to drill your weakness are enhance your strengths. Muay Thai pad work is the primary training method that allows you to work on attributes like speed, power, timing, strength and conditioning.

3. Ever felt intimidated by heavy weights or guys glaring at you while working out? While you are new to fitness and may be self-conscious about your appearance, you might need to step back for your own space. Here at Six Sigma, there will be absolutely NO Judgments as we care about every ladies who trains here! You will be trained Patiently together with friendly seniors!

4. Having a common goal, we are motivating a Strong Community of woman from different backgrounds, together we get better! You might meet your future Best friend here! 

5. After your sweaty workout, enjoy our coolest Rain-shower facilities to freshen up. Not only so, we decided to spoil you by providing sanitary and shower items (cotton buds, shower gel, moisturiser and perfume)!  >>>>visit our Instagram to check out!


1. Am I too old or fat to learn Muay Thai and keep fit?

- We welcome all ladies and will encourage you to keep fit with us and maintain a healthier habit! Age should not be stopping your goals!

2. How long is one session and what will I learn from this session?

- Our session is an hour and you will be learning fun Muay Thai skills with our coaches. (You might start to burn fats without knowing!)

3. If I am a beginner with no experience at all, can I still join?

- YES! Please join us while our coaches will guide u through step by step and groom you best results!

4. How do I get to Six Sigma Gym?

- We are directly opposite Joo Chiat Community Centre! 

- If you are driving, you may park right outside our doorstep or park at the open carpark right opposite us as well!

- If you are taking public transport:

       1.Nearest MRT-Dakota (Circle Line)

       2. Exit A (blk 99) and take Bus 16

       3. Alight after Giant supermarket on your left. ("After Duku Road"- 4 Stops)


420 Joo Chiat Road,

#02-01, Singapore 427641