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Singapore's Muay Thai certified female coach, Kru Nat is here to teach everything you need to know!


Kru Nat started Muay Thai at 17 years old with many judgements and became a inspiring role model today! 

With 10 years of Muay Thai passion and 4 years of Pro-amateur fight experiences, she has been teaching many students of all age to achieve the art of Muay Thai. 

She claims:" No Talent, No problem. Never give up the disciplines will do."


99% of her students' commented their life changing experiences that were made thanks to her for helping them to achieve the best results.


You may learn Muay Thai skills from her personally today!

Trainer Celine

Are you as passionate as our trainer here?

One of the youngest trainer in our gym yet burning with passion with regards to sharing her Muay Thai techniques. As good as it is, she worked hard to gain her experience through boxing sparring and Muay Thai matches locally!

Strength: Muay Thai Techniques

           : Strength Conditioning

Trainer Jaime is nominated the most friendliest and patient trainer. Beginners and new learners would love her basic Muay Thai classes. Being small does not mean weak, she is as strong as a bull! 

Learn to throw off speed punches from her today!

Strength: Boxing, Muay Thai techniques 

          : Upper body Endurance

Trainer Jaime

Boxing & Muay Thai